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About me: 

I'm Laura, and I love making stuff and sharing my passion for all things handmade. I make my own crochet clothes to create new designs and patterns for other makers. I love sharing my creative journey with other makers to inspire and get inspired. 

I consider myself a communicator of the Crafts Movement and projects of makers that are part of it. I have a podcast called Craftivity ( in Spanish) that I created in December 2019 with the aim of sharing the value of the handmade community and its important role to reconnect us with a slower lifestyle and being more conscious in our lives, including in our lives as makers. 

I am a talker, I love to laugh and my cats. Mi favourite colour is mustard yellow, my favourite flower is the daisy and I am crazy for donuts, waffles and all things sweet. 

Con el apoyo de David, mi pareja creativa en la vida, hemos conectado con nuestro lado mas artesano, creando accesorios para tejedoras, en pequeñas cantidades, producidos de manera local y con mucho amor.

I have a creative sidekick, David, my partner in life, with whom I have started exploring another path as makers, creating artisan wooden accesories for crocheters and knitters, following a main core value: minimizing our impact while creating new objects. We produce in small quantities, with local resources and putting lots of love in each piece that is born in our workshop. 

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